3 Mistakes That Kill Your Golf Cart BatteryAre little mistakes sapping the life out of your golf cart battery? What may not seem like a big deal may be costing you big money in repair or replacements that you could easily avoid. That’s why Gator Golf Cars put together a cheat sheet of bad habits you should nix now.

Don’t Neglect General Maintenance

The easiest way to wear a part out is to neglect conducting maintenance on it until something goes wrong. Your golf cart battery is no different. Corrosion is one of the biggest dangers to a battery’s health. Make it a point to clean your battery on a monthly basis and maintain the water level with distilled water.

Avoid Over-Charging Your Golf Cart Battery

Remember the days when you would leave your laptop on the charger so long that when you finally unplugged it, the battery barely lasted longer than a walk to your car? These days many batteries come with sensors to prevent over-charging, but many older models of golf cart batteries don’t have this feature.

To prevent over-charging, never leave your battery on the charger overnight, and don’t drive the vehicle to the point where the battery dies. Instead, charge the battery after every use.

Know Your Golf Cart’s Limitations

When operating your golf cart, be mindful of the limitations listed in your vehicle’s operations manual. Steep hills and excessive weight will wear on your battery, so don’t go over your golf cart’s listed capacity or take it onto strenuous terrain.

Make the Most of Your Golf Cart Battery

If you’re seeking optimal longevity, use a battery with a high amp capacity. Treat it well and your golf cart battery will hold a longer charge, and have a lifespan of at least five years.

Have a question about your golf cart or battery? Contact our maintenance team!