Golf is as much a part of living in southwest Florida as the sunshine. Really commit to a better, brighter you in 2017 by dusting off those clubs and hitting the course. 

Gator Golf Cars is helping you get back up on your feet in the New Year! Check out these tips and benefits of playing golf. This is the year to swing a hole-in-one! 

Get Fit in 2017

There’s a wide misconception that golf is more of a sedentary sport. No, you’re not running up and down a football field or tackling your opponents, but golf is still a physical game. It’s more of a warm-up than a work out. Golf focuses on a few vital parts of the body, including your core. Swinging a golf club dozens of times gets pretty tiring. Surprisingly it’s not your arms that suffer, though it may feel like it, but your core. Your core is where the power of your swing comes from. Finding the sweet spot of your swing will build your core, improving your balance and flexibility. 

Soak Up Vitamin D

Even in the Sunshine State we could use a little more sunlight. Not receiving enough sunlight can severely decrease your Vitamin D, leading to a deficiency that can cause bone pain, muscle weakness and even cognitive impairment. Take some time out of your day to make the most out of the day! Grab a couple of your buddies 

Great Networking Opportunity

Playing golf is an excellent networking opportunity! Some of the biggest sales and partnerships didn’t happen in a boardroom but out on the course. In business, golf is an essential tool, said golf instructor at Penn State University, Brian Short. I have about 80 percent business students. I wouldn’t say it’s a disadvantage [not knowing how to golf], but it’s a great addition to what you’ve already learned.

More and more colleges and universities are offering courses to teach students how to play. Unsurprisingly, most of the registrar for the course is made up of business students. Doesn’t it sound nice to take business outside and into the great outdoors. 

Golf is Brain Food

Golf is a great physical workout as well as an excellent mental one. Playing golf can improve cognitive function on and off the course thanks to strategist methods of thought, concentration, and of course the adrenaline of the game!

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