Success depends less on strength of body than upon strength of mind and character. – Arnold Palmer

Golf is rapidly becoming America’s favorite past time (don’t worry baseball, you’re still up there too). In recent years there has been a resurrecting interest in golf. From personal to professional reasons, people of all ages are getting on the green and making the most of a Southwest Florida afternoon. Those that are making golf a part of their lifestyle are seeing more of a change in just their swing, but physically and mentally too.

In business, golf is an essential tool, said Brian Short, a golf instructor at Penn State University. I have about 80 percent business students. I wouldn’t say it’s a disadvantage [not knowing how to golf], but it’s a great addition to what you’ve already learned. More universities are offering Golf Courses for student, primarily business students. Even Florida Gulf Coast University is offering courses on Golf. Business can be conducted anywhere and, lately, more often than not it’s done outside of an office.

Golf is also beneficial for your health. A recent study conducted by the Karolinska Institutet in Sweden that found the death rate for golfers is 40% lower than other people of the same sex, age and socioeconomic status. Additionally, according to research by Neil Wolkodoff of the Rose Center for Health and Sports Sciences, on average:

      • Golfers who walk and carry their own bag burn 721 calories
      • Golfers using a pull cart burn 718 calories
      • Golfers walking with a caddie burn 613 calories
      • Golfers riding in a golf cart burn 411 calories

Despite all of these benefits, golf is primarily played for the sport and renowned for the mental strength it takes to play. Golf is unique in it’s a game you can never perfect. The level of endurance, mental and physical, that it takes makes it a challenge for beginners and professionals alike. Start your day off right and on the golf course. Exercise more than your body, exercise you mind and hone your skills. What better place to do it than in Southwest Florida.