Staying Safe in a Lightning Storm

Southwest Florida is not without it's own drawbacks. We all experience this firsthand in the summer months and in Florida, you grow accustom to intense storms. Lightning flashes. Grumbling thunder. It all becomes almost comfortingly [...]


Live Onward™ with Club Car®

Club Car® is synonymous with golf cart. A smooth ride, satisfaction guaranteed, and quality mechanics make Club Car® the choice for personal and professional rides.  Founded with you in mind, Club Car® isn't done putting [...]


Your Guide to Southwest Florida

It's our favorite time of year here in southwest Florida! Temperatures are getting a little cooler, the family is coming down to visit, and the holidays are just around the corner. November is a time of [...]


5 Reasons You Should Play More Golf

“You play too much golf!” Have you been accused of this before? For golf enthusiasts, there really is no such thing as “too much golf.” However, spouses, friends, and family members may not be so [...]


10 Interesting Facts about Golf

Finally! Facts About Golf You Didn't Already Know By now you’ve probably read a hundred different articles on random facts about golf. From how many dimples are on a golf ball to tracking the very [...]

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