Golf Cart Safety in a Lightning Storm

Living in Florida, you grow accustom to intense storms. Lightning flashes. Grumbling thunder. It all becomes almost comfortingly familiar when you’re safe inside of your own home. But what happens if you get caught in [...]


The History of Golf Carts

Today’s golf carts are an evolution of their predecessors, developing in efficiency, capability, and even functionality. It’s a far leap from where they originated. We all can agree on that, but how much do you [...]


5 Reasons You Should Play More Golf

“You play too much golf!” Have you been accused of this before? For golf enthusiasts, there really is no such thing as “too much golf.” However, spouses, friends, and family members may not be so [...]


10 Interesting Facts about Golf

Finally! Facts About Golf You Didn't Already Know By now you’ve probably read a hundred different articles on random facts about golf. From how many dimples are on a golf ball to tracking the very [...]

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