Gas vs. Electric Golf CartsEvery day people make decisions regarding their golf cart and its longevity. If you’re thinking of purchasing a golf cart, one of the decisions you will have to make is whether or not you’d like your cart to be Gas or Electric. There are pros and cons to each so Gator Golf Cars is giving you the ins and outs so you can make an informed, efficient decision. 

Gator Golf Cars is here to help you make the best, most informed decision for you, your family, and your community. Whether you’re purchasing a golf cart for personal or professional use, you deserve the best cart for your purpose. We have broken down the pros and cons for gas and electric carts. Both golf carts are great vehicles, but they come with pros and cons that you may want to consider before sticking to one or the other! 

Let’s get started! 

Gas Golf Carts


Gas powered carts simply go faster, they are easy to refill, and can carry heavy loads. It’s fast in speed and long distances. These fast speeds can allow some gas powered carts the ability to drive on roads where Low Speed Vehicles are welcome. Gas powered carts are easily changed and customized. More features and accessories can be added to these carts making it desirable for the golf cart rider that truly wants a one of a kind ride.


As great as gas powered carts are, they don’t come with a few cons as well. The fuel and emissions needed to power a gas cart makes it harmful to the environment. It’s also quite loud, so not ideal in neighborhoods where this would bother the community. They also require more maintenance than their electric counterparts.

Electric Golf Carts


Electric golf carts are environmentally friendly, release no emissions, and are much quieter than gas powered carts. Electric golf carts are also cheaper than most gas carts as they are much more standardized. As a result of their ease, electric carts also cost much less to maintain.


The major con of electric carts is in their battery. While useful and efficient, you have a cart that’s run out of power, you will need to be towed to your destination. Battery charging takes significantly longer than filling up a tank, thus creating a longer period in between use.

Making the Decision in Southwest Florida

No matter what cart you choose, Gator Golf Cars is here to help. Our team is dedicated toContact us today to discuss your needs and your options. Regardless of the Gas or Electric cars, our team provides the maintenance and annual checks each cart needs:

      • Pressure wash car and undercarriage
      • Battery Check
      • Break Inspection
      • Tire pressure adjustments
      • Oil level check
      • Steering
      • Suspension lubrication and inspection
      • Top up water levels in batteries

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