Gator Golf Cars Best Club Car DealerSouthwest Florida is known for the beach, the sun, and of course, the golf. In order to enjoy our natural beauty, we must first focus on sustainability. One area of sustainability that may surprise you is, quite literally, on the green. Golf does more for Florida than boost the economy and travel, it’s also helping the environment. Golf impacts the environment through nature and allure. It adds value to the land, the resource, and is a steady source of income for the area. Golf courses raise awareness in the area and give live examples of why it’s so important that we preserve and conserve the area around us.

Golf courses help conserve the space by creating a “semi-natural” landscape that people and animals can both enjoy. Courses encourage the support and thrive of the surrounding ecosystem. They also require regular maintenance and upkeep, thus using efficient irrigation practices, encouraging the reuse of water, and continuous innovation to keep course green naturally. The quality of water, soil, and ultimately air, is enhanced through the regular maintenance and resources management. Golf courses are driving towards sustainability through zero-waste practices.

Want to get your kids out of the house this summer? Take advantage of sunny Southwest Florida and golf course programs for youth. Golf provides a healthy sport for youths. Various Country Clubs and Courses have summer programs that get children moving and encourage sport, competition, and friends.

Think of all the ways we benefit from golf; professionally and personally. We are conserving our green on the green thanks to increasing environmental awareness and your support. Together we can conserve and protect our natural landscape and what a fun way to help the environment! Get your clubs and help Southwest Florida stay green!