With a great golf cart comes great responsibility! Golf cart etiquette on the green was established to help keep you and the courses safe, which is why it’s important to know and follow the rules at all times. But if you’re new to golfing or the use of golf carts on the green, then you may not be aware of the do’s and don’ts! That’s why Gator Golf Cars has put together this cheat sheet to catch you up to speed before you take your new cart for a spin.

Keep Your Arms and Legs Inside The Vehicle at All Times…

Common sense should always reign when getting behind the wheel of a golf cart. Heed the warnings posted in your vehicle’s manual as well as on the green. If the cart has a passenger limit of 2 passengers, don’t risk your luck by adding more. There is a reason these rules were created. The manufacturers have thoroughly tested the vehicles and defined their limitations. Read them thoroughly before taking your golf cart out for a spin and respect the golf cart etiquette rules defined by the course as well. And always be on the lookout for stray balls!

Stay in Your Lane

The cart path is a golf cart driver’s best friend. It was created to keep you off the green and away from areas that can cause damage to the green or pose safety hazards to you and other golfers. Water, bunkers, and grassy mounds should always be avoided and drivers should keep a close eye on any signs with special instructions posted by the club.

It’s important to follow these golf cart etiquette rules. Deviating from the designated path can cause damage to the fairway, your golf cart, other players or even you—the driver!

Be Mindful of Other Players

Part of golf cart etiquette is showing courtesy toward other players, both in your group and outside of it. Out of respect, you do not want to drive your cart when another golfer is addressing their ball. Also, you want to be mindful of groups that are waiting to play behind you by parking your cart in the back of the green.

The 90 Degree Rule

A golden rule across most golf clubs is the 90 Degree Rule. This rule states that you must remain on the cart path until you are even with your ball before pulling onto the fairway. This helps preserve the quality of the course and prevents an overabundance of tire marks on the turf.

Ready to Get in Gear?

If you’re tired of walking the course and are ready to get into a golf cart of your own, visit Gator Golf Car’s showroom! Located in both Naples and Fort Myers, we have an abundance of Polaris vehicles to choose from and even offer customization options, so you can get into the golf cart you want!