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Gator Golf Cars is ready to assist with golf cart repair of every make, model, and caliber. Golf carts, albeit smaller, are still vehicles and as such, need maintenance.

Let Gator Golf Cars guide you through our extensive maintenance and golf cart repair services!

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Vehicles can be finicky creatures. Our team is helping you identify the issues and work towards a solution. We have compiled a list of common issues for golf carts in southwest Florida. 

Golf Cart Battery

When there’s an issue with your golf cart, it usually boils down to a battery issue.

Battery issues can range from a simple fix to the need for battery replacement, but routine maintenance can extend the lifespan of your battery in every capacity. Think of it like a check-up for your cart! Scheduling regular maintenance with our team will ensure a longer battery-life and the opportunity to find issues before they become full-fledged problems. 

Batteries, particularly in southwest Florida, should be checked regularly to avoid issues such as corrosion. Corrosion is one of the biggest dangers to a battery’s health. Cleaning the battery monthly and maintaining with distilled water is the first step towards a happy and healthy battery. 

Following corrosion, over-charging is a significant issue for electric carts. If you bought a new golf cart model, you won’t have to worry about over-charging too much. However, if your golf cart is a bit older, the battery most likely does not come with an over-charging censor, a sensor that prevents–you guessed it!–over-charging.  

Wrestling with an older battery model? Prevent over-charging with careful checks and avoiding over-night charging.

After-Storage Golf Cart Issues

In southwest Florida, many golf carts go into hibernation! Golf cart storage is a common practice for seasonal residents. When snowbirds flock back down to Florida, unfortunately, their cart may have some difficulty waking up.

When you plan for a long leave, make sure that your golf cart’s battery is fully charged and disconnected from the charger. It is imperative that batteries are stored in a cool, uncovered area. Don’t forget about those tires too! The recommended tire pressure for your stored vehicles is 20 PSI.


Check the Fuel Tank: If you left your golf car sitting for months without emptying the tank, there’s a good chance that the gasoline inside has gone bad. Remove the old gas and dispose of it using the procedures defined in state regulations. Refill your cart with a fresh tank of gas and try to start it up again! 

If you’re still going nowhere, the problem may reside in your battery. Bring your golf car to your local golf car service and parts dealer where an experienced member of our staff can revive or replace your battery, depending on the severity of the issue. 

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The most common issue with Electric Golf Carts is a battery that has lost its charge. Electric golf cars, in particular, are susceptible to issues when they are stored for extended periods of time. Before you lock your cart up for a long winter’s nap, make sure the kill switch is initiated to avoid unnecessary discharge and ultimately, battery depletion.

If you return to southwest Florida to a dead golf cart battery, don’t worry! Batteries may be fully restored by flushing out a harmful buildup of acid by cleaning the cells with a mixture of Epsom salt and water. You can then acquire an older, manual charger and use a pair of heavy duty alligator clamps as an adapter to give your battery a boost of voltage high enough for the automatic charger to read.  


We’re not expecting you to be Golf Cart experts; that’s what we’re here for! Don’t wrestle with the nuances of cart care. Make an appointment with our dedicated service team and we will find the solution to your unique issue. All of our service employees at Gator Golf Cars are trained and certified to conduct repairs, maintenance, and upgrades on a variety of makes and models, including Club Car golf carts.

It’s more than just a service, it’s ensuring your safety with a job well done! Gator Golf Cars has an exemplary safety record, warranty opportunities, and maintenance plans. 

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