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fort myers golf cart repair“Where can I find a golf cart service near me?!”

Say no more! Gator Golf Cars is the best choice for Fort Myers Golf Cart Repair in southwest Florida. Our qualified team is dedicated to your Club Car’s performance. Every cart should run to its optimum performance for convenience as well as safety. Gator Golf Cars is ready to assist with golf cart repairs for every make, model, and style.

Golfing is not just a pastime time in Fort Myers, it’s a part of our lifestyle. When something is ingrained into the fabric of our community, we need to take care of it. Gator Golf Cars is dedicated to not only providing the best golf cart names in the industry, but ensuring that they’re always running properly. 

Whether you have a brand new Club Car or an older model, our team is ready to repair your golf cart with the best service and care in Fort Myers.

Common Golf Cart Issues

Golf carts are still vehicles and as a result, require routine maintenance. Ignoring maintenance may result in a small issue becoming a major issue. Avoid the headache and commit to caring for your cart. 

Golf carts in Fort Myers are under additional stress that may not apply to other areas of the country. For example, golf carts in southwest Florida are much more susceptible to rust and overheating. Southwest Florida is beautiful but let’s face it, it’s pretty hot! 

Regularly leaving your golf cart in high heat damages the battery or engine. Battery issues range from a simple issue to complete battery replacement. However, routine maintenance extends the lifespan of your battery in every capacity. Think of it like a check-up for your cart! Scheduling regular maintenance with our team will ensure a longer battery-life and the opportunity to find issues before they become full-fledged problems. Batteries, particularly in southwest Florida, should be checked regularly to avoid issues such as corrosion. Corrosion is one of the biggest dangers to a battery’s health. Cleaning the battery monthly and maintaining with distilled water is the first step towards a happy and healthy battery. 

After-Storage Golf Cart Issues in Fort Myers 

Fort Myers is one of the most visited places in the country. Southwest Florida International Airport has made it possible for people to come visit and see how they like this gorgeous town right on the coast. When the rest of the country is covered in snow, our guests and residents are enjoying the sun.

While it’s a popular vacation destination, many residents are only seasonal. In order to ensure that their beloved Club Car is safe, many seasonal resident choose to store their carts until their return. This is a great idea for snowbirds, however we are experiencing more and more people that are not storing their carts properly. Failure to properly store golf carts results in some pretty serious issues.

The most critical and expensive part of your electrical golf cart is definitely your battery. Before you leave, be sure that your batteries are fully charged and disconnected from the charger. Store them in an unheated, uncovered area for the duration of your leave. Since we are no stranger to Florida heat, it is imperative that your golf cart’s battery is stored in a cool area to avoid overheating and damage. The recommended tire pressure for your stored vehicles is 20 PSI. Also, make sure that your parking break is not latched when you leave.

Storing your golf cart doesn’t have to be a stressful task. Follow a few simple steps and suggestions and when you return to your southern home your vehicle will just need a few tweaks and checks and you will be ready to hit the golf course. If you have questions about storing your golf cart, give us a call! 

Golf Cart Repair in Fort Myers

Just because you have a golf cart in Fort Myers, it doesn’t mean you’re an expert! That’s what our team at Gator Golf Cars is here! Stop by our showroom or make an appointment with us online! We are trained to deal with a variety of golf cart issues including batteries, engine maintenance, tire pressure and much more. Whether you need routine maintenance or a total cart replacement, Gator Golf Cars is the place for all of your golf cart repair needs.