Living in Florida, you grow accustom to intense storms. Lightning flashes. Grumbling thunder. It all becomes almost comfortingly familiar when you’re safe inside of your own home. But what happens if you get caught in a storm while on the golf course?

If it hasn’t happened to you already, and you golf in Florida, we’re surprised! Flash storms strike quickly in our state, which is why it’s important to know the right steps to golf cart safety during a lightning storm.

What Not to Do During a Lightning Storm

If you get caught in a storm while on the green, do not seek shelter in your golf cart. Just because motor vehicles are considered safe in a storm doesn’t mean your golf cart is, too. Unlike your car, truck, or SUV, golf carts are not entirely enclosed with metal. In fact, most golf carts are made of fiberglass, making you the “path of least resistance.”

What to Do When Caught in a Lightning Storm

Whenever a thunderstorm hits, the first thing you should always do is seek shelter. Go inside of a building if possible, or seek shelter in your car. Don’t wait for the storm to strike before taking action. If you see a storm rolling in, be proactive and head for shelter before it arrives.

Do not take shelter under trees, near bodies of water, or high ground. Move away from your golf cart and golf clubs, remove the spikes from your shoes if they are metal, and if you cannot find a proper enclosure, aim for lower ground.

If you feel a tingling sensation and the hair on your arms stands up, squat with your feet together and hold your arms in front of your knees. Keep at least fifteen feet away from other people. This will help lower your chances of being struck by lightning.

Questions About Golf Carts and Golf Cart Safety?

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