Live Onward™ with Club Car®Club Car® is synonymous with golf cart. A smooth ride, satisfaction guaranteed, and quality mechanics make Club Car® the choice for personal and professional rides. 

Founded with you in mind, Club Car® isn’t done putting their mark on the world of electric and gas-powered carts. Recently, Club Car® has announced a brand new line of carts that are fun for everyone.

Onward™ is a brand new line of personal transportation that’s gliding you from point A to point B.

“What’s the big deal?”

What sets Onward™ apart from other Club Car® golf cart alternatives is new features, new standards, and a whole new way to ride. Club Car® has a host of quality vehicles under their belt, each one built to high-standards, but the process of time means that carts need to adapt.

Onward™ is the result of adapting to the latest safety standard and redefining design with comfort and on-the-go lifestyles in mind. It’s built with the latest safety standards in mind, including front LED headlights for a more focused view, clear turn signals, and armrests!

The latest Club Car® innovation is putting the “Personal” in Personal Transportation Vehicles (PTV)!

What is a PTV

Golf Carts are no longer limited to the golf course. More families and communities are choosing golf carts for neighborhood transportation. PTVs, as they’re known as, is built for personal use. They can be either gas-powered or electric and travel at a safe maximum speed on 20 mph.

Before committing to a PTV it is imperative that you check with your neighborhood or community laws beforehand. PTV’s are not classified as motor vehicles and are regulated by state and/or local governments.

Check Florida’s laws here.

Design, Details, Color–Oh My!

The opportunity for customization is key to feeling comfortable in your vehicle. It’s human nature to want to add a touch of “You” to your belongings. Club Car® kept that in mind when creating Onward™.

Onward™ comes with accessory opportunities like you’ve never seen before. Choose from custom specifications with the online design tool at Make your new cart your own with custom metallic colors, Kenda™ exclusive tires, polish, grill inserts, and clear or tinted windshields.

A Commitment to Excellence

Club Car® continuously provides superbly engineered products. Gator Golf Cars is proud to carry brilliantly built vehicles with you in mind. Club Car® has a commitment to excellence that’s rarely seen today. They design with three things in mind; safety, comfort, and quality.

Onward™ exemplifies Club Car® values. These cars have adapted to fit a modern need. Dynamic Stability & Predictable Handling minimizes wheelbase movement for a smoother, more confident ride and easy turns. Superior comfort can be found within plush seats, flexible suspension systems and motion control components. Club Car® is also committed to environmental excellence with UV-tested components.

Experience a smooth, confident ride from Onward™ six models:

  • Four-Passenger Lifted Gas and Electric
  • Four-Passenger Gas and Electric
  • Two-Passenger Gas and Electric

Ever Onwards

Get up and move! There’s no place like southwest Florida. Sunny days and gulf breezes make Naples, Fort Myers, and Estero the place to ride!

If you would like to know more about how golf carts can enhance your Florida experience, come talk to our friendly staff at our Gator Golf Showroom. We’ll be happy to discuss your golf cart future and any concerns you may have. Contact Us directly from our website!