Meet Our Staff


Sales and Finance Manager
Dan O’Connell has been in the power sports industry for many years. He believes that the only way to have a successful business is to make sure each and every customer is always happy. He doesn’t want Gator Golf Cars to be like every other dealership, he wants to make it the customer’s store!



Parts and Service Manager
Tommy, along with the rest of the staff, has been in the powersports industry for a long time. If you need it he can get it, that’s his specialty. Tommy spends his weekends jet skiing and mudding. He builds high performance jet skis as well. If it’s got horse power, he wants to play with it.


Office Manager
Alisha is what keeps all the guys in line at Gator Golf Cars. The guys like to play more than they should so she makes sure all of the everyday tasks are done; if they aren’t, the guys know they will hear about it. Alisha likes to spend her free time playing outside, mudding, jet skiing, and playing softball.


Master Tech
Mike has been working on anything with a motor since he was a kid. If there is someone out there that will get the job done every time, it’s Mike. Mike will build anything or fix anything you wish to have done. There are not many tech’s left today that know the old school and new school ways of doing things. If it has a motor, he will make it faster.[/sixcol_five_last]



Tech of All Trades

Dave Heller can Run and Fix things with the best of them. He makes sure the job gets done no matter what. He has been in the powersports industry for a long time; this is what makes Gator Golf Cars like no other. Dave likes to spend his free time making his Z28 run like no other Camaro out there, and his side project (oh yes, he does Imports too!) is a custom Mitsubishi Eclipse.

Dave Parker

The Big Cheese

Dave Parker has spent his life building his very well known businesses into what they are today. Dave likes to play just as hard as he works though. You can find him on the weekends riding his Victory motorcycle or playing a round of golf. Ever want a match on the greens, just call him up and he will be glad to join you.