The New Year is just around the corner. 2016 has been quite the ride and here at Gator Golf Cars, we think one should begin every year with excitement. Why not take your passions to the road with a new or used Golf Cart from Club Car.

Whether you want to dedicate some more time to the course, are looking for a more sustainable way to cruise the neighborhood, or just feel like surprising your family, a golf cart can bring that extra special something to your home.

There is a lot that goes into buying a new cart. You don’t want to skip a few steps and end up with a cart that becomes more effort than its worth. To ease the process, Gator Golf Cars has put together this comprehensive list so you cane make an informed decision.

The Choice: Used vs. New

Purchasing a used cart can be a real money saver but be smart about it. Older carts may cost that saved difference in new parts or consistent maintenance. Always ask questions; the cart’s history, its age, any current issues, and why it’s being sold. If you want to skip a potential headache and start fresh, a new cart is the way to go. Gator Golf Cars offers finance plans to make carts affordable.

Batteries, Batteries, Batteries

While you’re checking golf carts, used or new. cart, used or new, don’t forget to check the battery age of the batter. A golf cart’s battery is the beating heart of the vehicle. It can also be an expensive one. Before making your purchase, inquire the age. Anything over two years old may need replacing. A dead or damaged battery however, is what you should really keep an eye out for. While you’re at it, ensure that your cart comes with a charger.

Don’t Be Afraid to Test Drive

It doesn’t hurt to take a cart out for a test drive. In fact, it’s recommended. Every cart has a different feel. Get familiar with the vehicle before making any major decisions. The cart that your considering should always have a smooth ride, straight from the get-go! That means no jerking from side to side, no difficulty turning, and of course, you should never feel uncomfortable or unsafe.  

Finding Solutions in 2017

Feeling a little out of your depth? The team at Gator Golf Cars is waiting to answer your questions. We are experts in all things Golf Carts! It’s not just a job, it’s our passion. So, stop by one of our showrooms today, browse, and feel a little more confident in your decision. Contact us today!