While most of the country is soaking up the spring air and relishing in warmer weather, southwest Florida has hopped over spring and jumped right into summer. It’s only May but temperatures are heating up, seasonal residents are heading home, and eager students are looking forward to their summer vacation. 

As temperatures climb, more residents are focusing on the outdoors and summer plans. For many, this includes their favorite golf course! Others are saying goodbye to southwest Florida for a while and are focusing on tying up loose ends. Whatever your summer holds, it means a few things for your golf cart. 

Prepare your cart for the summer and bypass the worries of consistent maintenance or risk of malfunction. A few well-timed practices will ensure a long and happy summer. 

Care and Maintenance Fit for the Long Run

Just like you would service your everyday vehicle, your golf cart also needs monthly and annual check-ups. No matter what cart you have, stay current and safe with these regular check -ups:

  • Pressure wash car and undercarriage
  • Battery Check
  • Break Inspection
  • Tire pressure adjustments
  • Oil level check
  • Steering check
  • Suspension Lubrication and Inspection
  • Inspect and fill water levels in batteries if needed

You can even accessorize your cart to make it a comfortable ride. Our vehicles say a lot about us; what we do, what we like, and how we want to present ourselves to the world. Golf carts have most of the accessory options that you would expect for any vehicle. Create a car that reflects the Florida lifestyle, including sun visors, plush seat cushions, and much more. Club Car® Onward™, in particular, comes with a host of design and features to choose from. Browse through these design opportunities and cruise in style!

Take It to the Streets! 

Golf carts are one of the most common forms of transportation in communities and neighborhoods. Some communities and cities even allow golf carts to be driven on the road. However, for your cart to qualify there are some street-legal requirements that must be met in Florida.

  • Head Lamps/Stop Lamps
  • Turn Signal Lamps
  • Tail Lamps
  • Reflex Reflectors
  • Parking Brakes
  • Rearview Mirrors
  • Windshields
  • Seat Belts
  • Vehicle Identification numbers

Street legal carts are the ideal method of transportation in gated communities, close-knit neighborhoods, and even some smaller towns! Before you hit the road, ensure that your cart adheres to all safety requirements and brush up on your local road rules. 

Safety First

The most important thing to remember concerning your cart this summer is to stay safe! Golf cart safety is imperative to the well-being of you and those around you. Remember to follow these safety tips:

  • Always drive responsibly with arms and legs within the vehicle and seat belts fastened.
  • Only carry passengers that you have seats for.
  • Never drive recklessly. Obey vehicle traffic laws and the rules of the road.
  • Never drive intoxicated or under the influence of any drug or narcotic.
  • Use hand signals to indicate upcoming turns in tandem with your turn signals.
  • Avoid excessive speeds, sudden starts and stops, and avoid sharp turns at fast speeds.
  • Avoid driving in inclement weather.

Speaking of inclement weather, watch out for those lightning storms. Living in Florida, we are accustomed to intense storms and the lightning surge that comes with summer. If you get caught in a storm while on the golf course it’s important to know what to do. Flash storms strike quickly in our state, which is why it’s important to know the right steps to golf cart safety during a lightning storm.

Black, Gold, and Great All Over 

Gator Golf Cars is a Certified Black and Gold Award Club Car Dealer and we have been honored three years in a row. This extreme honor is given to a select number of Club Car dealers specifically because of their high level of customer satisfaction. That’s right, our reputation is all about how we treat you—our valued customer!

Enjoy the summer and time spent in your golf cart. Always drive responsibly and give us a call for your maintenance, service, parts and accessory needs!