Deciding If a PTV Is Right for You

Spring is here and summer is not far behind it. Expand your horizons and invest in a new way to cruise the course and your neighborhood. Golf Carts are no longer limited to the golf course. Today, many families, communities, and tight-knit neighborhoods are choosing to cruise the streets with golf carts. Easy, fun, and environmentally-friendly, it’s easy to see why golf carts are becoming the #1 choice for safe streets. Personal Transportation Vehicles (PTV) are built with you in mind. These vehicles, made for personal use, come in gas-powered or electric and travel at safe maximum speeds of 20 mph.

Before committing to a PTV it is imperative that you check with your neighborhood or community laws beforehand. PTV’s are not classified as motor vehicles and are regulated by state and/or local governments.

Design, Details, Color–Oh My!

Gator Golf Cars and Club Car® is helping you put the “Personal” in Personal Transportation Vehicle (PTV). Just because it’s a little smaller than your usual vehicle, doesn’t mean that it can’t be personalized.

Our vehicles say a lot about us; what we do, what we like, and how we want to present ourselves to the world. Golf carts are no different. What many people don’t realize is that there are dozens of style opportunities for golf carts. Club Car® ‘s Onward™, in particular, comes with a host of design and features to choose from.

So, sit back, relax, and make every ride one to love!

Accessories Galore

There is freedom in choice, but there’s also a little bit of anxiety. What will be right for you and your family? What is the best color to choose? The best features?

Daunting as it may be, each choice should be approached with the same creativity and excitement of any vehicle.

Gator Golf Cars has identified some key areas to focus on to style and design a custom cart. Let’s get started!

Best Seat in the House

The seat is the first thing many people choose to upgrade. After all, you’re sitting the entire time you operate you cart, why not be comfortable! Club Car® offers seat cushions in solid or two-tone colors. These plush seats are design for maximum comfort.

Enjoy the best seat in the house!

Color Me Happy

Add a splash of your favorite color and really make your Onwards™ part of the family. Choose from five strong colors with a sixth to come in Fall 2017! Each color is available in Club Car® ‘s famous metal flake paint and applied with precision. Long-lasting, durable looks fit everyone’s style.

Spread Out with Space

The most common complaint that we hear about golf carts is, “But they’re too small!”

Not with Club Car® accessories they’re not! Make the most of your space with custom storage options including cup holders, overhead storah, and a lockable trunk.

Enhanced Experience

Club Car® ‘s Onward™ delivers an enhanced experience with a 360 degree perspective. From entertainment option to safety features, Onwards™ has alternatives that tackle everything.

Cruise the couse with the best wireless sound system that golf carts have to offer, make the most of your work with a trailer hitch receiver, and make the ride a little safer with adjustable side mirrors.

Every feature enhances every ride.

One Smooth Ride

To be the best you need to roll with the best. Club Car® offers Kenda™ Kraken and Loadstar tires for one smooth ride. Select from two unique styles in three special sizes. Top off your ride with a unique sun-shielding canopy, noise-softening windshield, and rain deflecting fender flares to make each journey enjoyable.

A PTV Committed to Excellence

Club Car® continuously provides superbly engineered products. Gator Golf Cars is proud to carry brilliantly built vehicles with you in mind. Club Car® has a commitment to excellence that’s rarely seen today. They design with three things in mind; safety, comfort, and quality.

Onward™ exemplifies Club Car® values. These cars have adapted to fit a modern need. Dynamic Stability & Predictable Handling minimizes wheelbase movement for a smoother, more confident ride and easy turns. Superior comfort can be found within plush seats, flexible suspension systems and motion control components. Club Car® is also committed to environmental excellence with UV-tested components.

If you would like to know more about how golf carts can enhance your Florida experience, come talk to our friendly staff at our Gator Golf Showroom. We’ll be happy to discuss your golf cart future and any concerns you may have. Contact Us directly from our website!