Summer Golf Cart Safety Tips

Spring may have just sprung but it’s feeling more like summer! Summer in southwest Florida is a time to thrive! Get those golf carts ready and make the most of your golf experience. However, fun should never outweigh safety.  

According to the National Golf Foundation, there are 1,050 courses in Florida and every year there are over 13,000 golf cart-related accidents that require emergency room visits. The U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission found that 40% of those golf cart accidents involve children under the age of 16. 

Summer is a time to enjoy beautiful southwest Florida but your safety should never be compromised. Before you hop on your cart and cruise the course, brush up on these safety tips that may save your life.

Golf Cart Safety Tips

  • Always drive responsibly; arms and legs should always remain in the vehicle and seat belts fastened.
  • Only carry passengers for the amount of seating that you have, never squeeze in passengers. 
  • Never drive recklessly or joy ride. 
  • Never drive intoxicated or under the influence.
  • Avoid distractions while operating your golf cart like texting, or reading while driving, reaching for objects, applying makeup or eating.
  • Never allow anyone to stand in the vehicle or on the platform located in the back of the vehicle and never put the vehicle in motion until all passengers are safely inside the vehicle and buckled in.
  • Always use hand signals to indicate upcoming turns as well as your turn signals. Turn signals may be small or go unnoticed by vehicles behind you.
  • Always check your blind spots!
  • Avoid sudden stops and starts, fast speeds, and turning violently. 
  • Adapt and reduce peed depending on the driving conditions and environment. Always slow down on inclines and declines, blind corners, and yield to pedestrians.
  • Do not leave keys in golf cart while unattended and always make sure to set the parking brake.
  • Use extreme caution in inclement weather. Golf carts are prone to lightning strikes. 

Safety in Southwest Florida

Get up and move! There’s no place like southwest Florida. Sunny days and gulf breezes make Naples, Fort Myers, and Estero the place to ride!

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