How-To Troubleshoot Your EZGO Golf Cart
Troubleshooting your EZGO golf carts can save you some hassle this summer. According to EZGO’s user manual, troubleshooting is beneficial for two reasons.

First, a battery that performs poorly and is outside of the manufacturer’s specification should be identified in order to replace it under the terms of the manufacturer’s warranty.

Each manufacture has different specifications and requirements. If you are unsure of your battery’s requirements, contact the manufacturer directly.

The second reason, according to the user manual, is a more vague but imperative reason. “The second reason is to determine why a particular vehicle does not perform adequately.” This may sound obvious but troubleshooting can identify problems you have as well as problems you may not be aware of. The impeccable performance of your golf cart will ensure your personal or professional success, as well as guarantee your safety.

A few trouble shooting tips and things to consider:

      • A battery must mature before it reaches its maximum capacity. This may take 100 charges.
      • Using a hydrometer is a cost-effective way to identify poor performance.
      • A sticky accelerator can be attributed to continuous pressure. Check for a clicking sound if you suspect that your accelerator is acting up.
      • Loose battery connections or a low powered battery can cause you to experience low power or “torque”. If it’s a case of loose battery connections, a simple tightening can fix the problem. However, if it is a low battery, you should consider replacing a dead battery.
      • Always maintain tire pressure. The recommended tire pressure of an EZGO Golf Cart is between 18 and 22 PSI.

Golf cart maintenance is an vital component of the performance and safety of your vehicle. Small problems that can be easily fixed will also serve to prevent larger, more expensive and serious problems within your cart. Contact us today to schedule a maintenance call or to fix your EZGO golf cart today.