Ways to Accessorize Your Club Car Golf CartClub Car golf carts are great, but sometimes we crave a personal touch. A useful add-on or an aesthetic addition can transform a generic design to something optimized and unique. Thankfully, Gator Golf Cars specializes not only in the sale of Club Car golf carts, but also in their customization! Whether you’re looking to add a few accessories or create a fully custom car, we carry options that cater to your desires. So as you begin shopping for your next golf cart, why not consider some of these custom accessories?

Underseat Storage

Need a little more room to stash a few extra balls and tees? Perhaps you just want a discreet location to tuck your belongings away in while you’re on the green! Underseat storage gives you the option to store small items in an added compartment hidden from the naked eye.

Golf Cart Enclosures

In Florida, a hard rain can show up in the blink of an eye. When this happens, a simple canopy won’t be enough to keep you dry. Investing in a golf cart enclosure will protect you from those moments when the Sunshine State fails to live up to its name. If you’re a frequent golfer or just like to take the golf cart out for a spin, this will make your vehicle a joy to ride—rain or shine!

Cargo Beds and Coolers

Cargo beds are great additions if you’re using your golf cart as a utility vehicle, or if you just like to have a little extra space to carry your belongings. It’s almost like having a mini truck! You can also install coolers to help keep food and refreshments fresh wherever you go.

Rear Seats

You know what they say… the more, the merrier! Rear seats lets you welcome more aboard your golf cart. With back-to-back seating, you can socialize as you drive. Just make sure to double check your maximum weight limit to ensure this feature aligns with your cart’s capacity.

Carpet and Upholstery

Want to get a little fancy? Removable carpet floor mats can give your cart a more aesthetic appeal. Not to mention it’s cozy on bare feet! There are also several upholstery options that can give your golf cart style and flair.


If you own a golf cart, you’re likely out to have a good time. Why not bring the party with you? Installing a stereo system will allow you to blast your favorite tunes as you drive.

Custom Wheels, Paint, and Lighting

If you really want to make an impression, “pimp” your ride with custom wheels, paint, and lighting! You’ll be the talk of the green—or even the town!

Get Custom Golf Cart Accessories and Add-Ons Today

If you live in Naples, Fort Myers, or Estero, stop by our Gator Golf Cars showroom and ask us how we can put together a custom golf cart that caters to you!